We are a group of holistic practicioners dedicated to changing the culture within sports


Through our first hand experience with major sports related injuries we intend to bring awareness around the malpractices within sports medicine while also providing a solution in education for holistic treatment options when treating (major) sports related injuries, mental health issues, financial insecurity, and emotional disturbances.


Building Bridges offers conscious healing services from a group of holistic practitioners for athletes who desire to take a holistic approach when healing sports related injuries and the injuries that tend to follow. 

"Team Work Makes the Dream Work"

Meet the Team

Stevie Kaye
Energy Healer
Health Coach
Volleyball Skills Coach
B.A. Psychology 

Founder Stevie Kaye created Building Bridges LLC. to build bridges of opportunity and union between holistic medicine and sports medicine as a way to better assist athletes who suffer from major sports related injuries and chronic health disorders during and after their playing day careers.


Diagnosed with PTSD, fibromyalgia, hyper tension, hypoglycemia, adrenal fatigue, and struggling with chronic back and neck spasms at the young age of 29, Founder Stevie Kaye has found it her duty, passion, and social responsibility to use her experience and expertise in sports injury recovery to help revolutionize the way athletes are currently being medically treated. After receiving her BA in Psychology and Liberal Arts, instead of continuing to the Clinical Psychology Masters Program, Stevie decided to educate herself through direct-hands-on-experience in her own journey of self-healing through holistic practices. Working with and receiving treatments from local and traveling holistic practitioners guided Stevie into her own healing journey towards recovery and is the sole inspiration behind creating a platform to educate the generations to come. Founder Stevie Kaye truly believes by introducing holistic treatment practices to current sports injury recovery  protocols will reduce the amount of pain being played through, create a safer environment, reduce the chances of young adults developing major chronic health disorders, and greatly improve the quality of healing during the recovery from major sports related injuries.

Athletic Background

Throughout SK's volleyball playing day career from the you age of 8 to her last year in college at 22, SK experienced a high number of sports related injuries including two knee surgeries at the age of 15 and 17. From there, her battle continued one injury after the other, as did her fellow athletes. From a young age SK has had first hand experience with current Western Medicinal practices available to athletes through surgery and prescription medications. She found taking prescriptions medication and having surgery to be extremely invasive, toxic, and the root cause to her current health conditions. To help recover from the side effects of Western medicine and the damages from her major sports related injuries SK sustained throughout her athletic career she turned to a spiritual practice through holistic medicine, plant based living, and conscious exercise at the age of 24. After experiencing tremendous relief and life changing healing Stevie Kaye was inspired to create Building Bridges as a way to help revolutionize the outdated protocols of current Western Sports Medicine practices that are continuing to diminish the health of young athletes. Given that sports related injuries are inevitable, Sports Injury Recovery protocols, practices, and medicine needs to be 1) reconstructed to reflect the people, 2) recreated with the intention to heal not treat, and 3) bring conscious awareness to the long term health concerns at risk. To help create this change Building Bridges was born. 

" I am a honest woman looking to make an honest difference with my experience healing my own spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health. I intend to share my wisdom and knowledge to the generations to come as a way to pay forward what I have had the honor to learn during my time as an athlete and most importantly, an expression of Divine Light". ~ Founder Stevie Kaye

Dr. Francesca Quinn
 Naturopathic Doctor
Massage Therapist

ND. LAc.

Joanna Zeiger
Physical Therapist
Mental Health Coach
Olympic Athlete
Ph.D Exercise Science
Liana Cameris
Access Bars 
Media Publisher
B.A. Communications 

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