Building Bridges was created to build bridges between holistic medicinal practices and athletes. The amount of physical demand athletes require from their bodies puts them at risk for major sports related injuries, chronic health disorders, mental health issues, drug addiction, alcoholism, and financial insecurity. In order to maintain a healthy mind, body, heart, and spirit one must take the time to heal and recover. Building Bridges Services caters to an athlete's need to recover. 


Consultations are designed to explore and get to know each client and their history of sports related injuries and other health issues to create the best possible healing protocol.

$60 for 1 hour



Massage Therapy is one of the most beneficial healing resources available to athletes today but has yet to be fully integrated into athletic training practices and sports injury recovery. In order to heal it is important for many sports related injuries to be physically worked on by massage therapy. Stevie Kaye is not a licensed MT but has been given a gift to channel divine healing energy into her clients through massage with her direct focus on the lymphatic system. To date SK has worked on 100+ people most of them being competitive or proffessional athletes. 

$80 for 1 hour

$120 for 1.5 hour


Building Bridges believes to begin truly healing, one must begin to consume a proper plant based diet. If you are interested in learning about how to transition into plant based living to help improve your overall health, help you recover from sports related injuries, and to live a happier healthier life, book Stevie Kaye for a life changing healing experience.

$40 for 1 hour

$80 for 2 hour


Gun Fa is a full body movement development training program from the sacred teachings of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. Gun Fa focuses on developing proper body movement through circular joint rotations and stretching. The healing benefits and fundamental core development Gun Fa offers is the perfect way for young athletes to prepare (warm-up) and recover (cool-down) their bodies before and after practices and games.

$60 for 1 hour 



Chronic pain is common when dealing with sports related injuries but it doesn't have to be. Doing exercises to help realign the body in its true position will help reduce chronic pain formed over time from sports related injuries and poor posture.

$60 for 1 hour


Yoga is one of the many great tools of holistic medicine. Body movement, control, balance, strength, and flexibility all contribute to an athlete's performance.


Access Bars is a sacred energetic healing method that helps break down physical blocks formed in the mind from stored fear.

$80 for 1 hour


Are you tired of conventional Western Medicine doctors treating your symptoms with invasive prescription pills? If the answer is yes Dr Quinn is your solution. 

$295 first 3 hour visit

$120 follow-up 1 hour visit


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