Testimonies from Clients

“I have played club volleyball for the past few years and each year I have felt worse and worse about my skill and mentality. Thoughts are starting to affect the way you play more and more as you get older, so it was harder for me to play. I thought my high school season would be my last season because of how much joy club had taken from me. I was wrong. Stevie brought me up and made me feel like I had potential. She made a huge impact on me. She genuinely cares about how you play and where your mental state is at. She would constantly work with my friends and me after school on volleyball and just to work out. I’ve had many coaches in the past, but Stevie has a different kind of coaching style more people need to be exposed to. When you’re with her she can point out exactly what you’re doing and tell you how to fix it in a clear way. She always kept a player's mental state in mind. Making someone feel bad or hurting someone's feelings never happened because she always finds love and hope for people. Even if someone was having a hard time figuring something out, she would stay calm and not get frustrated. Stevie didn’t just teach us about volleyball, she taught us about health and the benefits of different skills. Before working with Stevie I never stretched before I played. Now I know that being flexible can improve your all around play and focus in everything. She has fun and pushes you. Stevie has helped me become a better volleyball player and person. She has inspired me to find the beauty in everything and encouraged me to keep playing. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know if I would be playing right now. Stevie is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had.” ~Grace Trotter​, 14 years old. Played on the freshman team not coached by Stevie. Grace did individual training sessions.

“Hello, my name is Madison Paul and I had the amazing opportunity to work with Coach Stevie when the school season was going on. When I first met Coach Stevie at high school tryouts, I remember how welcome and comfortable she made me feel. After that day not only did I think of her as a coach but I thought of her as a friend, something Stevie is good at is building a good bond with all of her players. Coach Stevie has taught me so much, from little errors to big mistakes and she is very good at helping you set goals and achieving them. For example, she is very big on stretching and making sure you eat healthy and take care of yourself. Together we set a goal that I would be able to touch my toes by the beginning of tryouts next season and I get closer and closer everyday. I would never of had the motivation to achieve my goal without Stevie. I have learned so much from Stevie, whether its tucking my left arm when I attack the ball or something as simple as straightening out my platform when I pass. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Stevie is very blessed and should know that they have the most enthusiastic, determined, and loving coach! I cannot wait for the opportunity to work with Stevie again next school season and I hope you see what a wonderful coach and person Stevie is! Sincerely, Madison Paul”​. 14 years old. Played on the freshman team not coached by Stevie. Madison did individual training sessions.

“From the very first day I saw you, I knew you were going to be an amazing coach! You are so confident, hard core, motivated, and so much more. These very important traits make up the perfect coach, you. When I saw you working with the JV team, I was extremely impressed. You have driven me to work harder than I ever had before (and I already work really hard so you are inspiring!). All that hard work is all going to MVHS volleyball so I can be on your team next year! I love how you push your team to make them the best. Plus, I was seriously impressed when you were telling the audience at the Volleyball dinner that many players on your team improved their verticals by a couple inches! I want that to be me! There is so much more I could say about you and your incredible coaching skills, but I need to thank you for coming to MVHS and making our lives even more great! I hope to see you next year as my coach:)” ~Alyson Aeschleman​, 14 years old. Played on the freshman team not coached by Stevie.

“This was my first year of playing high school volleyball, and I learned so much about keeping an overall healthy lifestyle and how it can affect your game on and off the court. Stevie made me believe even more in myself then I did before and that improved my game mentally, which is one of the big parts of volleyball. The warm ups we did made me more warmed up than the dynamic warm ups I do for club. She believed in me even when I was in one of my rough patches and couldn't dig out of it myself. I could rely on her to tell me what I was doing wrong and how to fix it when I didn't know how. She really made sure she got to know all her players and made sure we got to know each other to approve our abilities on the court. She made me realize the amount of potential I have if I keep working hard to achieve my goals in volleyball. I could go into a lot more detail, but that would take up too many pages. By far one of my favorite coaches”. ~Claire Wohlleber,​ 14 years old. Played Junior Varsity as a freshman for Coach Stevie. During her time with Stevie her vertical was increased 4 inches.

“Stevie Kaye has been an incredible coach on and off the court this season.  She is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the game, especially hitting.  She helped correct my swing from that of a drunken monkey to practically Olympic quality. She excels in the teaching of fundamentals, and has the patience and attentiveness to spot exactly what you need to focus on.  Overall Stevie Kaye is an outstanding coach who is very dedicated, and will put forward an amazing amount of energy and time to improving your skills as quickly as possible.” ~ Chris Barnett, 16 year old male. Managed the Junior Varsity team for coach Stevie. Received some individual training as well.

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